Friday, December 24, 2010

Visits from Jenni and Alexandra, and other springtime distractions

My friend Jenni came to stay with us during her spring break, and we had a great time showing her all the usual sights. I particularly enjoyed our impromptu afternoon tea with goodies from a local bakery. Our visit to Brighton with Andrew on the weekend was also a lot of fun. We went down on the train and spent a few hours walking along the waterfront, taking in the pier with its cheap carnival rides and the Royal Pavilion with its incredibly tacky faux-Indian decorations. We had an awesome lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, too. Apparently there are a lot of veggies in Brighton; it has a fun kind of hippy vibe about it.

In May, the lovely Alexandra graced us with her presence. She works in the American office of a British publisher, and she got to go over to the British headquarters for some reason or another and stayed a few extra days to do a bit of traveling and stay with us in London. Alexandra studied in London in summer 2008, so she already knew the city fairly well and we just spent time hanging out and showing her around our neighborhood. She also tagged along with us for the London Gator Club International Gator Day 2010 Pub Crawl, which was a huge success. We charged 15 pounds per pub crawler and sold snacks along the way and raised over 300 pounds for a Haitian charity. Go Gators!

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