Friday, December 24, 2010

May 2009 weddings

May was a busy month for us, as we had two weddings to attend in Florida over the course of eight days. We flew to Tampa first for Bryan’s wedding and had a lot of quality time with the Rickes. We also got to see Andrew’s friend Doug, and my friend Laia, both of who lived in the area where we were staying, and we got to see Uncle Fred, who happened to be traveling through. And we got to see Robert and Tiffany, who flew down for the wedding. It was the first time we met Tiffany, and we were absolutely enchanted. After the wedding, we drove up to Tallahassee with R and T, stopping in Gainesville ever so briefly to show Tiffany some of our old haunts.

Monica’s wedding was next, and we were both in the wedding party so we were very busy. There was a lovely bridal luncheon for all the bridesmaids, a fun bachelorette party, an impressive rehearsal dinner catered by a friend of the groom, and then the wedding itself, which was absolutely beautiful. Other than my own wedding, which I will obviously prefer to any other wedding, ever, this was the loveliest I think I have ever seen. Monica was a perfect bride, and the whole occasion was filled with love from family and friends, great food and music, and good humor – although the best man’s speech was a bit, um, questionable. Just like a movie!

After another whirlwind visit, it came as a shock to have to get back on a plane to London, but we were relieved to get away from the Florida heat – we had grown used to the constant gray drizzle of jolly old England.

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