Friday, December 24, 2010

A visit from the Marders

Walter and Linna had to cancel their original trip in April, so they rescheduled and came to London in May instead. Over the week we showed them around our neighborhood and a lot of our favorite spots around town. One day we walked through Hyde Park down to Kensington and the Victoria and Albert Museum. We were particularly excited to show Walter the architectural section of the museum, and we had a lovely lunch in the café, which includes rooms that were designed by different arts and crafts and Pre-Raphaelite artists, including William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones. There was a piano player performing in the main room that day under the enormous silver-wire globular chandeliers, and the music set the mood nicely.

On Sunday, we watched Andrew play Frisbee in Green Park, then made a Sunday roast at our flat, with Amy and Don as additional guests. Another day, while Andrew was working, Linna and Walter and I went to the art gallery at Buckingham Palace, which had a special exhibit on Victoria and Albert. It was meant to be flattering, I’m sure, but I thought it was all more than a little bit silly, with the gaudy jewelry and sappy portraits. I’m sure they loved each other very much, but I can’t agree with their taste. The palace was lovely, though.

On Walter’s birthday, the three of us went to Kew Gardens. We particularly enjoyed the treetop walkway, the palm houses, and the thousands and thousands of azaleas in every color imaginable. We went down on the Tube but took an Edwardian-era ferry boat back into town. The views from the boat were great, and it was neat to see familiar parts of the city from that unfamiliar angle.

Another day, after work, Andrew and I met Walter and Linna, as well as Amy and Don, for a drink at one of our favorite pubs, then we all went to dinner at a Korean restaurant in Mayfair. It was my first encounter with Korean food, and it was delicious! I even liked the kimchee. All in all it was a quick visit, but we were so glad we got to show them our new flat and show them around London one more time!

Andrew’s spring 2010 photos, including France and the Marders’ visit, are here:

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