Thursday, May 31, 2007

Please sir, I want some moors

Cheers from Ripon, Yorkshire! I can't upload photos here, so they will have to wait till we find a proper internet cafe (we're at a library presently). SInce leaving London, we have learned several things. England is cold and rainy. Bare ground and no pillows make for poor sleeping conditions. Backpacks are very heavy. But despite those things, we are having a fantastic time. We went from London to Cambridge and walked around to see my old haunts from studying abroad. I was delighted to discover that I still knew my way around. Next we trained to York, set up the tent, and headed to Leeds (much, much bigger than I expected; it looked like the English version of Tampa or something) and then Keighley (pronounced Keith-ley; go figure) and then took a bus to Haworth, home of the Brontes. Haworth was not as spectacular as I hoped, but we did find some lovely windswept, heather-filled moors on top of a hill. The next day (yesterday) we explored York. We both loved York; it was quite charming. We walked along the city walls, went to a sort of everyday-life museum with recreated rooms and streets, and visited York Minster. I've been to many cathedrals in my time, but York Minster was quite impressive. We took lots of pictures, and I lit a candle in one of the chapels in memory of the April 16 kids. That night we walked around some more and went to a pub for cider and Pimm's & lemonade. Then we turned in for the night. This morning, we trained to Harrogate and bused here to Ripon. Now we're off to visit Fountains Abbey -- our first National Trust stop. I'll probably update again in about three or four days. We're having a great time and wish you were all here with us...although I don't think you'd fit in the tent!


David Ricke said...

I was trying to think of a pithy, spontaneous comment to your "request for some moors", but it took so long to be pithy, that I lost the spontaneity... How about something Dickensonian: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Bring some of that rain back home to North Florida. Please sir, I want some rain for my grass and vegetables.
Have fun, We love you.

cataphoresis said...

Pimms! Oh I miss drinking Pimms with the other Oxford boys while talking shite during a Cricket match.


Oh, are you really shocked that nothing was good in the home of the Brontes? Because I would argue that nothing good came out of the home of the Brontes.

mommy said...

It was a dark and stormy night...Yes! It finally rained! We harvested beans twice from the garden so far...We just had a lovely visit from Nicholas & Katie (and Riley, with pearls on)...We are so proud of you travelling around the world and spreading your unique and individual brands of from Gainesville - the Gator Nation lost one of its citizens this week - Billy Donovan left for the Orlando Magic :( ...We love you and miss you. Think of me when you drink tea...Don't keep us on tinderhooks; tell us the news from your side of the pond. Cheerio!

Bryan said...

I'm glad it sounds like you guys are having a great time. The blog was also a sweet idea!

So camping without pillows kinda sucks??? Give us some advice before we leave. We were planning on bring a towel to use as a pillow. Do you think that'd work?