Friday, May 25, 2007

And away we go!

Moving: check
Packing for trip: check
Last details for trip: check
Say goodbye to friends: check
Drive to New Jersey: ready to go

My next post will be from Europe!

Countdown to May 27: 2 days


David Ricke said...

I'm honored to be the 1st to post a comment!! Harry wants you to bring him some chicken and bacon from every country you visit. He even suggested that you could discard all that heavy un-essential stuff you packed because his "treats" will be lighter and thus you won't hurt your backs...
Have fun. We love you.

cataphoresis said...

You can count me in the list of trolls of your blog. Have a blast, and keep us up to date (when you get a chance!)

Elizabeth said...

Darn it, we do not like that you are not in Blacksburg anymore!!! Have a fantastic trip, we look fwd to our postcard, and even more to reconnecting with you & hearing all about it in Beantown...