Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Springtime in bloom

I've seen some beautiful spring flowers in my day. Tallahassee and Blacksburg, in particular, put on quite a show. But nothing prepared me for the profusion of blossoms in London, and it isn't even technically spring yet! The snowdrops came first, little white bells dangling from verdant stalks.

They were followed by the crocuses in stark white, bright lemon, deep purple, and vibrant violet stripes with orange centers.

Over the last few weeks, the flowering trees and shrubs have developed little buds with magenta tips, and they are starting to unfurl. In Regent's Park, I found a grove of cherry trees with pale blossoms, looking like a pinky haze skimming the surface of the grass. The forsythia is shooting upwards with yellow starlike flowers, and here and there, miniature irises are starting to pop up.

And everywhere, covering nearly every available spot of grass in the city, are daffodils. There are white daffofils, yellow daffodils, white daffodils with orange centers. They congregate amongst the roots of trees and luxuriate in the open sunshine. They sway and nod in the breeze and follow the movement of the sun with their merry heads. I've been tracking their progress for weeks, since I saw the first snowdrops in the park and noticed, slowly, like a mushroom hunter picking out his quarry from amongst the camouflaging leaves, the green stems peeking through the grass, promising daffodils to come. They burst all at once, suddenly, blanketing the grey city in much-needed colour, and I've been enjoying their cheerful display ever since.

[The squirrel is for Nicholas :-) ]

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David said...

I am Andrew's uncle, David Wheeler. Linna told me about your blog so I have taken a peek. Very enjoyable, Alexandria. The photos of spring are somewhat heart wrenching as we have a foot of snow s l o w l y disappearing from our hills in western Just thought I would acknowledge your blog and introduce myself.

Andrew met my family when he was 12 or so. His cousin, my son Whit, is 25. He living in Durham,NC with his
French femme.
Best wishes and enjoy your time over there.