Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hooray for a real internet connection!

So we are finally connected to the outside world again. Apparently we're starting to get problems with our phone; Andrew called BT today and was only on hold for 30 minutes, which is an improvement over my track record. He called in response to a letter saying they were canceling our phone service because we had switched to another provider, which was news to us. Apparently we've been "slammed," which I guess means someone called and canceled our service, pretending to be us? Why, I have no idea. But we do have internet, which is more important. And that means I can write my blog again.

I last posted in November after I started my new job. I wrote a bit about my lunchtime walks, which I have continued to take whenever it isn't raining. I've had good luck so far; it usually rains after lunch but not during it. The job continues to be not what I want to be doing but a decent timefiller for right now. Best of all, though, I've made a very good friend in Amy, my co-worker. We've hung out with her and her boyfriend Don a few times now, and when I was sick a couple weeks ago, Amy took very good care of me and made me cookies and tea. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have friends here.

We've made another friend, too, in the last couple weeks. We have a new upstairs neighbour, named Stewart, and he is fantastic! We went out for drinks with him in London two weekends ago, and he showed us some of his favourite places, that we never would have found on our own. That'll be a separate post.

So, jobs are going okay, friendships are forming nicely, our flat is still excellent and comfortable and homelike. We're starting to fit in a lot better in our adopted country. We're really enjoying ourselves. And I'm looking forward to telling you all about it on here. It's good to be back.

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mf_jimenez said...

Hiya, Marders! I was thinking about you the other day and meaning to write you, then as I was typing something else into my search bar, "There and Back Again" appeared. It is really magical considering Zach just reformatted my laptop and all the history stuff is gone. Maybe the same person who cancelled your phone service is also hacking my laptop. Well we miss you but it's great to hear that things are going well in England. We found out #2 will be a boy; Owen told us his name will be "Oatmeal Man." love, mf, z, o, and marzipan. And oatmeal man.