Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Traipsing through Wordsworth country

We just stopped at this crazy store in Windermere that I guess is the flagship store for a cookware brand. It's like if Frank Lloyd Wright designed a Bed Bath & Beyond. We had a spot of tea and are now using the free computer terminals, so you get a bonus posting. We're headed up to Grasmere later on for some Romantic poetry homage and hill-walking. The real hill walkers around here tuck their pants into their socks, but I don't think my capris will stretch that far.

In case you're interested, here are some more details about the trip:
2 backpacks
1 tent
2 sleeping bags
2 inflatable pillows purchased here
2 foam sleeping mats purchased here (what can I say? the ground is really hard)
basic clothes, toiletries, first aid, etc. for both of us
money pouches

That's about all we have with us. Our budget is £50 per day. So far we've had to stay in a hotel one night and a B&B another night due to transportation troubles. We're currently about £45 over, but we should be able to make that up over the next week and a half. We're eating in restaurants occasionally and hitting up the awesome grocery stores a lot. We're eating lots of yogurt, bread and cheese, carrot sticks, and fruit. Last night, we had a picnic feast with wine and little pre-packaged G&T's and ate a whole thing of strawberries. Yum.

We've met some fantastic locals and fellow travelers. When we got to the first campsite and set up our tent in the rain, our neighbor immediately ran over and invited us in to his caravan for tea and homemade tea bread. Whilst stranded near Hadrian's Wall, a traveling salesman gave us a lift to our campsite. We discussed archaeology with a retired sculptor over a pint of cider and compared life in the States and life in Oz with some fellow campers on a bus ride. And in Inverness we ran into a group of UF alumni, some of whom live just down Centerville Road and whose kids went to all the same schools as me. So all in all, a fantastic trip so far. More later...cheers!

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The Mathis said...

It is a small world, isn't it?