Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The deep breath before the plunge

Well, we're back from New Jersey. It was a relaxing trip filled with food, books, and naps. Due to the unseasonably cold weather, we were stuck inside, which encouraged us all to grab some last-minute hibernation before the energetic frenzy of the coming months.

I made a pact with myself: this trip to New Jersey would be the end of normal life; from now on, it's packing time. I've started to feel nostalgic about Blacksburg and this job and our apartment. It's a great feeling, especially since our last move did not inspire the same sorts of emotions. I'm going to post a to-do list for myself. Perhaps that will motivate me. Or I could just rely on my new Rick Steves book for inspiration.

Countdown to May 27: 47 days

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